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OHP ELM327 FORScan OBD2 WiFi Adapter


Think DIY diagnostics and car repair is too complicated? It's time to change that view. With OHP OBD2 WiFi Adapter, understanding what is wrong with your vehicle is a matter of hooking up your phone and using the simple Forscan app to find out what’s going on. You can read diagnostic codes, customize a number of features, and get the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is working just like it should be.  

With this WIFI adapter, you can:  

  • Read and troubleshoot fault codes, service features, and other error messages. This works with all electronic modules, from your key to oil, to your ABS and to your airbag.  
  • Work easily with the Forscan app, customized for iOS and iPhones. This inexpensive app helps you interpret the data from your vehicle and understand how to modify settings or reset indicators safely.  
  • Use the mods included in Forscan that can make your vehicle even more comfortable. These can include tire size correction, Bambi Mod, adjusting the heated steering wheel, and plenty of other options.  
  • Use as a WiFi only device. Using WiFi on your phone, you can easily reset warning indicators that would otherwise require an expensive trip to the mechanic.  
  • Small and convenient. The device fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be stored in your console. Take it out when you need it.  
  • A great tool for those who want to start working on repairing their vehicles, but aren’t entirely sure where to begin. Coming with comprehensive installation instruction, you’ll have all you need to check your engine.
  • A key utility for Ford users. The OBD2 WIFI tool works with all Ford models from 1996 onwards, including light trucks. You get the most out of your vehicle with Forscan and your customizations. 
  • Also works for Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury.

The tool is equipped with an HS-CAN/MS-CAN switch, and an attachment to help you download the apps and tools you need to access the components on your Ford. Whether you’re just shutting off a faulty warning light or checking to see if something serious is wrong, you’ll know that when you take your vehicle to a mechanic, it’s warranted. This device will keep you from spending money you don’t have, a mechanic work you don‘t need, and a time for a costly trip you can't schedule. 

OHP ELM327 FORScan OBD2 WiFi Adapter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
No WiFi signal

Did not work at all for me. I followed all directions but no WiFi signal was created from the device. I had one red solid light on the case light up but it never created a signal. I have a 2016 Ford F250.

Great product

This worked great. Was able to diagnose problems with the car.

Relaxed' Win 10 WiFi connection time.

I've seen reviews stating this is not FORScan compatible, but I had no problem at all. But, everything involving connectivity is in slow motion. I eventually set my laptop to a static IP ( with the scanner as the gateway. This sped up WiFi connection considerably, but the FORScan connect still seemed to take a minute or more. This may be the source of some (not all) of the one-star failure reviews. Verified functionality on a 2013 2.0L Ford Escape using FORScan ver 2.3.22 beta EL2 . Displayed status of modules I didn't even know existed. Actually purchased for my '98 Cobra PATS problem, but it's sat so long I need to clean all the OBD/PCM connections before anything will read.
Great value for money, especially after I purchase a FORScan extended license.

Best OBD2 scanner I've ever had!

Absolutely amazing! I originally bought it to read a few non-obd2 modules, but I've ended up using this to track my 2010 F150's engine statistics! The graphs on any android or pc app I've had are super smooth and near real time updates! I haven't had one error reported by forscan, android or pc version, with this adapter. I've seen that for the PC, forscan likes to tell you that there was an error reading the modules if you start scanning with the adapter set to ms-can, but I'm sure it's just a configuration error on my part.

Works great with forscan

For those that can't get this to connect with forscan you need to go into the forscan app settings and select wifi as connection type. Otherwise it tries to connect via Bluetooth and this obd2 dongle does not support Bluetooth.