OHP ELM327 FORScan OBD2 WiFi Adapter Scanner


Think DIY diagnostics and car repair are too complicated? It's time to change that view. With OHP OBD2 WiFi Adapter, understanding what is wrong with your vehicle is a matter of hooking up your phone and using the simple FORScan app to find out what’s going on. You can read diagnostic codes, customize a number of features, and get the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle is working just like it should be.  

With this WIFI adapter, you can:  

  • DIY CAR DIAGNOSTICS LIKE A PRO: This device is a streamlined scan tool, code reader, scanner and software adapter. It can help you read modules and features in your vehicle, troubleshoot fault codes (DTC), service features such as oil reset, and many more! Do it on your own, save time and a costly trip to service dealers and experts.
  • PREMIUM FORSCAN OBD2 ADAPTER: This tool allows you to scan and access your vehicle via the FORScan app. This diagnostic utility also works with Fordsys and generic OBD2 apps such as Torque. Softwares are not included. They’re available through App Store, Play Store and official FORScan website.
  • EVERY FORD OWNER'S OBDII: All Ford models since 1996 and light trucks sync up with this device flawlessly. This is sought for primary models like F150, F250, Ranger, Explorer, Fusion, and many more. 2018 and 2019 models are now fully supported. It also works for Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercury.
  • WIFI ONLY - iOS, ANDROID & WINDOWS COMPATIBLE: Works as reliable as Bluetooth and USB connection. Use it with iPhone, iPad, and Android Wifi-ready devices. Equipped with the MS-CAN / HS-CAN switch. It also supports all OBD2 software (like Torque) and all compatible vehicles (OBD2 mode and modules only). For macOS users, install a virtual machine called Wine so you can run Windows app like FORScan.
  • COMPREHENSIVE INSTALLATION GUIDES & EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT: OHP values every customer's need for functionality and ease of experience. Whether you're a beginner or a pro in car diagnostics, you can brush up your knowledge with our substantial information and references to keep you from endless research and failures. You can always reach us for the further need for support and we’ll appreciate your honest feedback.

The tool is equipped with an HS-CAN/MS-CAN switch, and an attachment to help you download the apps and tools you need to access the components on your Ford. Whether you’re just shutting off a faulty warning light or checking to see if something serious is wrong, you’ll know that when you take your vehicle to a mechanic, it’s warranted. This device will keep you from spending money you don’t have, a mechanic work you don‘t need, and a time for a costly trip you can't schedule. 

This WIFI tool is best for personal use and check engine light purposes. For critical programming modifications and professional coding needs, we recommend the more reliable OHP OBD2 USB Scanner for Windows.

OHP ELM327 FORScan OBD2 WiFi Adapter Scanner

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