How to Code Variable Light Distribution on your BMW with BimmerCode
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How to Code Variable Light Distribution on your BMW with BimmerCode

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If you’re planning to add the Variable Light Distribution feature on your BMW, here’s how to do it using the BimmerCode App. 

A video guide created by BMW Doctor shows the step-by-step process of how to code the Variable Light Distribution with the BimmerCode App. Check it  out on the video below:

Variable Light Distribution is a feature that will enable your light beams to adapt depending on the speed of your vehicle. It is useful when you are driving at lower speeds in the city, as it adjusts your headlights at a low beam to prevent dazzling oncoming vehicles. The headlights will also then adjust at higher speeds to increase your visibility. 

There are several options for Variable Light Distribution at low beams. These are City Light mode, Standard Light, Guiding Fog Light, and Highway Light. The City Light is activated at around 0 - 50 kph (0-30 mph) and projects a light pattern that is shallow with a very wide beam. The Standard Light is active at around 50 - 110 kph (30 mph-68 mph) and projects the basic or standard beam pattern of your vehicle. The Guiding Fog Light is enabled when the headlight switch is in Auto and the front fog lights are on. It is activated at a speed between 0-110 kph (0-68 mph) and projects a shallow with a wider beam pattern. The Highway Light projects a long throw beam pattern that illuminates at 25% further than the Standard Light beam pattern. It is activated at around 110 to 250 kph (68 mph-155 mph).  

Special thanks to BMW Doctor for another amazing video guide. Please check out his videos and support his Youtube channel here

Also, special thanks to LatinBimmer for an in-depth discussion of the Variable Light Distribution feature. You can learn more about the feature at the Bimmerpost forum here.

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When applying such modifications on your BMW with the BimmerCode App, you will need a compatible adapter for coding, programming, or diagnosing your vehicle. Here are our compatible OBD adapters: