BMW ENET RJ-45 Ethernet Cable

ENET (OBDII to RJ-45 Ethernet) Cable

Suitable for all BMW/ Rolls Royce/ Mini models

BMW E-sys Coding Software Installation Guide:


Note: Safe remote coding service is available over the Internet. One convenient flat-fee to have everything coded with no limitations.

Each individual session is tailored to your vehicle and your preferences. Pricing vary based on models and vehicle complexity.

Please inquire and click the contact link.

Examples of what can be modified are as follows.

Doors, Windows and Trunk:

  • (Un)fold the mirror when (un)locking the car from the remote and Comfort Access

  • (Un)fold the mirror when (un)locking the car from the remote and Comfort Access even if the engine is running in late year models

  • Roll the windows up and close the sunroof from the remote and Comfort Access

  • Enable one-touch window roll-up when/ even if the door is opened

  • Close the trunk from the trunk release button (if not enabled already) and the remote

  • Disable the trunk-buzzing alert when using Smart Close (foot motion) to trigger closing


  • Re-enable speed sensitive shape-forming low beams

  • Re-enable Anti-Dazzle High Beam Assistance (some limitation exist, inquire)

  • Re-enable tail lights with DRL (excluding late model years)

  • Disable amber/ orange from side markers

  • Modulate DRL front lighting intensity (some limitations exist, inquire)

  • Reuse the ambient lighting color slots in iDrive to code any custom color from the RGB space (late year models only)


  • Unlock doors when the engine is shut off (driver's only or all in iDrive Doors/ Lock settings)

  • Turn off the ignition, iDrive and Cluster after the engine is shut off and the driver's door is opened

  • Disable engine-running double-honk reminder when locking the car

  • Increase or decrease the heated seats temperature for each or all 3 positions (heated seats option required)

  • Increase ventilated seats RPM for each or all 3 positions (ventilated seats option required)

  • Remove the 15 minute memory limit for heat/ ventilation/ massage seats function

  • Remove the 15 minute memory limit for the heated steering wheel (heated steering wheel option required)

  • Enable or disable iDrive Volume pop-up bar display (minimum software version required)

  • Enable iDrive navigation route flyover simulation/ preview

  • Enable iDrive navigation Route Magnet to select and use a waypoint on the way to a final destination

  • Enable .mp4 and .avi video files playback from the USB port (minimum hardware generation required)

  • Enable additional video codec playback (excluding latest year models)

  • Remove all speed locks in the iDrive head unit to allow:

  1. Video Playback from the DVD slot (excludes cars without a DVD slot such as the i8 and late models)

  2. Video Playback from the USB port while the car is in motion

  3. Pair a new Bluetooth Device while in the car is in motion

  4. Consult the iDrive Owner's Manual while the car is in motion


  • Increase, decrease or eliminate the seat belt chimes reminders

  • Blind Spot Detection: activate at 15 mph instead of default 30 mph

  • Blinking Brake Force Display flashing tail lights under heavy deceleration

  • Enable Turn Indicators in the HUD (only available in vehicles without electronic 6WB cluster)

  • Enable Media List Display and scrolling in the HUD

  • Enable Lane Departure Indicator in the HUD

  • Enable Incoming Call called ID display in the HUD

  • Enable Voice Commands activation display in the HUD

Additional Vehicle Options Activations:

Note: additional fees apply, for instance when ordering activation files from BMW AG or when additional hardware is required such as a WiFi antenna for CarPlay.

  • Enable Voice Command button long press to invoke Siri or Google Assistant

  • SiriusXM Satellite tuner

  • Automatic High Beam Assistant (FLA or KAFAS camera required)

  • CarPlay

  • CarPlay Full Screen (minimum vehicle software version required)