Table of Contents: Drivers - Instructions - Software

I - OHP USB Device Driver Installation (FTDI) GuideHere are the instructions for the manual installation method for Windows 10. 

II - OHP WiFi Device Installation GuideHere are the instructions on how to set up the OHP OBD2 WiFi device via:

II.a - Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Windows computer

II.b - iPhone/Android phone

III - FORScan Software and Phone App : Link to download the FORScan software for Windows and Phone App for Android and iOS.

IV - How to Obtain FORScan Extended LicenseGuide to Forscan Extended License

V - FORScan Forum: Link to Forscan forum that offers general information and support.


Windows requires device drivers to be installed first to be able to communicate with the diagnostic unit. The FORScan software is also needed to run with the diagnostic device. Below are the guide on how to properly set up the drivers and software for the OHP USB and WiFi OBD2 devices. 

Drivers - Instructions - Software
Bookmark this link for current and future reference. 

I - OHP USB Device Driver Installation (FTDI) Guide:

This manual has been created because sometimes Windows Update fails to update device drivers automatically. Here are the instructions for the manual installation method for Windows 10, works for Home and Pro. The process is basically the same for Windows 7 users.

1. Download the device drivers to your computer from:

Direct link:

2. You will be downloading a self-extracting archive file. When launched, it will extract an installer file to a specified folder but it DOES NOT install the device drivers yet. 

3. Navigate to target folder and launch CDM21228_Setup.exe to install device drivers.

4. Click through, all default values are fine.

 5. Plug the device into the USB port and Windows will take over the rest of the setup process. The set up process will install two new devices in your computer: the USB Serial Port and the USB Serial Converter.

Now all device drivers are set up.

6. FORScan recommended connection settings:



II - OHP WiFi Device Installation Guide:

This manual will show you how to install the OHP ELM327 OBD2 WiFi device and connect it to your vehicle using desktop/laptop/tablet Windows computer or via iPhone/Android phone.

II.a - For Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Windows computers

1. Plug the device into your vehicle's OBDII port.

 2. Check for new WiFi networks, then connect to WiFi OBDII network. 

3. Download the FORScan software here: Then install in your computer. 

 4. Open the FORScan software. 

5. Go to Settings and select WiFi under the Connection tab. Make sure to check the Auto-connect box.

6. All set. You are good to go. If you are having issues connecting the device, please email our customer support at

 II.b - For iPhones and Android Phones

1. Plug the device into your OBDII port.

 2. Open Phone settings, check for new Wifi networks, then connect to WiFi OBDII network. 

3. Download and install the FORScan Lite phone app. Download the app at Google Play Store for Android users and at the App Store for iOS users.

4. Open FORScan Lite phone app. 

 5. Using the FORScan Lite phone app, push connect to the vehicle.

6. All set. You are good to go. If you are having issues connecting the device, please email our customer support at

*Note: You CANNOT apply configurations, programming functions, and some service procedures using FORScan Lite. Use the FORScan software instead using Windows laptop, desktop computer, or tablet if you wish to do so.  


III - FORScan Software and Phone App:
You can download the FORScan software for Windows and FORScan app for iOs and Android on this page. Remember to check compatibility before purchasing it. 



III - How to Obtain FORScan Extended License

1. Register for FORScan Forum and wait until you are accepted (may take a couple of hours depending on time zones):

2. Once accepted, log in with your user name and password.

3. Link to License generator is here:

forscan extended license


4. The link will take you here:

forscan extended license 2


5. Fill in the blanks, You will be requested a hardware ID. This is your computer ID as identified by FORScan. So, launch FORScan and find your ID as shown. Copy and paste to the web browser. Generate:

forscan extended license 3


6. Success! Please download License file to your computer. We suggest you download it to My Documents or Desktop. Reason for this is that Windows security is quite tight lately and you may have a hard time accessing this file later when you saved it to the default location in Systems folder. The license will still be available in FORScan Forum, you can download it again any time you want.

forscan extended license 6


7. Load License Key into the FORScan software. Note: You need to be connected to the Internet when you load a new license key.

forscan extended license 7


8. SUCCESS! FORScan License is now Extended.

forscan extended license 8 


IV - FORScan Forum:
The official FORScan forum offers general information and support. Exchange ideas with other users on vehicle diagnostics, programming, configurations, and maintenance on this forum.


Customer support by e-mail:

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