BMW Diagnostic / Coding / Flashing /Programming Tools for Cars and Bikes
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BMW Diagnostic / Coding / Flashing /Programming Tools for Cars and Bikes

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In this post, we will be highlighting the BMW diagnostic, coding, flashing, and programming tools for cars and bikes. Below are some links and guide to these tools:

EasyBMWTools Software download:

INPA / NCS Expert / WinKFP One-Click-Installer: EasyBMWTools (~180MB)

In case there is a problem with unpacking, it has been packed with 7-zip:

Device drivers (FTDI): here

Installation guides for device drivers you will find here.

OHP K-line USB Interface for BMW (with USB On-The-Go OTG support) can be found here

Apparently, not all software is capable of unpacking this DVD. You can use 7-Zip (free software) for this purpose from here.

On DVD you will find EDIABAS 7.3.0, INPA 5.0.6, INPA 5.0.2, NCS Expert, WinKFP, device drivers, installation instructions and other useful tools.

Please note, that latest INPA 5.0.6 is not completely translated into English. Older INPA version 5.0.2 is 100% English, but not as up to date as 5.0.6.

After installation, you often get basic, core software, which needs to be customized to a particular chassis. Therefore you may receive different error messages, like SYS-xxxx or IFH-xxxx. This is perfectly normal. Once you have set up software for your chassis (or all chassis if you wish), these error messages will go away. You will find descriptions and solutions for all error messages in: C:\ EDIABAS\Doku\English

These issues have been thoroughly discussed in BMW forums, there are video instructions on Youtube. Please use these resources. Or contact us.

If you wish some assistance in your BMW coding and programming, you can request for remote coding assistance for a flat fee here:

Learn more about OHP K-line USB Interface for BMW below: