How to Disable Auto Start/Stop with FORScan
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How to Disable Auto Start/Stop with FORScan

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There are many known solutions to disabling the auto start/stop function in your vehicle, yet using FORScan to make such changes is the most common solution recommended. The reason for this is that, unlike other solutions, the changes that you need to make with FORScan are software changes and there’s no wiring to alter or hardware to tinker with. You can also easily reverse the changes back if ever you’ll mess it up.

The downside of using this FORScan solution though is that you will need to disable the BMS (Battery Monitoring System) within the BCM (Body Control Module). This will, in turn, prevent the A.S.S. from engaging.  

There are three changes that you may apply using FORScan, these are:

      1. Disable BMS: BCM 726-48-02 x0xx xxxx xxxx

  • This will disable the BMS function which will prevent the A.S.S. from engaging.
  1.  IPC 720-01-01 xxxx 1xxx xxxx
  • (optional - disables stop/start message center in the trip/fuel IPC menu)
  • This will remove the A.S.S. icon from the instrument cluster
  1.  FCIM 7A7-01-01 xxxx x0xx xxxx
  • (optional - disables switch)
  • This will disable the A.S.S button from functioning.


In order to disable the auto start/stop function of your vehicle with FORScan, you will need a reliable OBD2 adapter. These are our featured OBD2 adapters that work flawlessly with FORScan.

Note: For FORScan coding modifications, we recommend using the OBD2 USB adapter for it provides a more stable connection.