How to Program and Update your BMW Modules Using WinKFP
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How to Program and Update your BMW Modules Using WinKFP

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If you're looking to program and update the modules of your BMW, here's how to do it using the WinKFP software.

A video guide created by BMW Doctor, shows a step by step guide on how to do it with WinKFP. Check it out on the video below: 

WinKFP is a factory-generated software for programming or flashing most of the E-chassis BMW models. It is mainly used to update the modules of a BMW vehicle. It  also offers functions for diagnostic, checking aif, and many more!

Here are the steps on how to update or program a module using WinKFP:

1. Run the WinKFP software and choose F3:- Update ZUSB.

2. Choose the type of ECU, then the chosen ECU will appear with a list of part numbers.

3. Choose OK, then the main menu re-appears.

4. Choose VIN, then enter your vehicle's VIN number and then click OK.

5. Click Done.

6. Choose Prog. ZB_update, then confirm the update. The software will then tell the number of time that the module can be re-programmed.

7. Wait until the process is finished.

Special thanks to the BLooD30 from for coming up with the guide. Also, big thanks to BMW Doctor. Please check out his channel for more of his amazing videos. 

If you need some help in BMW coding and programming, we offer a remote coding assistance for a flat fee here:

 In order to connect your vehicle with WinKFP, you will need a reliable adapter. Check out our OBD interface cables for BMW below: