Solution: OHP OBD2 WiFi Device Connectivity Issue on Desktop Computer
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Solution: OHP OBD2 WiFi Device Connectivity Issue on Desktop Computer

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If you are having some issues connecting our OB2 WiFi Device to your desktop computer, here are the steps on how to properly diagnose and solve the connectivity issue. 

Solution 1:

Make sure that you’ve properly set up a WiFi adapter on your desktop computer. Most desktop computers do not come with a built-in WiFi adapter. You will need to buy and install such device separately. Make sure to set up a WiFi adapter that supports longer range for superior connectivity.

Solution 2: 

Normally, once you’ve properly set up the WiFi adapter on your desktop computer and installed the FORScan app,  it will automatically detect the OHP OBD2 WIFI device. You should then be able to connect your vehicle using the device to your desktop computer. But in rare cases wherein it doesn’t detect or connect to the device, try to unplug the ethernet cable on your desktop computer if it is connected to your home network Internet router. This should fix the connectivity issue with the Internet connection turned off.

Solution 3: 

If you’ve tried the first two solutions and it still won’t connect, try adjusting the antenna of your WiFi adapter and move its location in close proximity to your vehicle. The WiFi adapter that you’ve installed on your desktop computer might be out of range from the OBD2 WiFi device connected on your vehicle. 

Solution 4: 

If none of the solutions above work, please contact our customer support and we’ll guide you every step of the way.