OHP K Line FTDI OBD2 USB Cable for BMW Coding on Windows


K-line interface for 1996-2007 BMW vehicles with original FTDI chip (FT232RL/RQ)

Real double K-line - bridged pins 7-8 - allows access to all modules - works on all BMW vehicles from 1996-2007 (K-line only)

USB On-The-Go (OTG) supported for use with Android devices (USB OTG adapter not included)

Supports all BMW diagnostic software (Windows and Android native): INPA, ISTA, Rheingold, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, DIS, Progman, Carly for BMW etc

Supported Windows versions: XP Vista 7 8 8.1 10 - Includes basic Windows software (downloadable): EDIABAS, INPA, NCS Expert - Optional: software remote setup

OHP K Line FTDI OBD2 USB Cable for BMW Coding on Windows

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Customer Reviews

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WORKS GREAT, not easiest to use, I love it!!!

Bought this for my 2003 e39 530i. My Innova wasn't clearing my transmission code. Very happy to use this, worth the trouble of installing (and reading the instructions!)

Took me a while to get it installed and working with my laptop that is on win7. After that needed to be careful using the software for the first time. Had to dig in a little from the start of the INPA program to get to my model. Cleared my transmission code, no problem.

Great cable and software, just not as easy to use as a stand along scan tool. MUCH cheaper than a professional scan tool that can let you get as deep into the cars system as this! I recommend to BMW enthusiasts.

2000 E39 ABS Trifecta

I purchased this to diagnose the ABS DSC trifecta and it arrived a day early which was a good omen. One problem I had was lack of a DVD drive on any of my laptops but I downloaded software mentioned in one of the reviews and it was an easy install. I first installed it on Win 10 and it registered as a true FDTI, however it wouldn't connect. After reading some posts, I installed a Win XP VM and tried that... still no connect.


Setting the COM port to COM1 in advanced settings fixed it and INPA was able to communicate with the Engine and Chassis modules with the 16 pin "Pacman" adapter and allowed me to see real time analog wheel sensor speeds. Based on other reviews, Win 10 would have worked for me if I had set the com port to COM1.

I also bought a 10 foot USB extension to allow me to run from the engine to the cab to watch the diagnostics while in motion and it works great!

It works.

Last night I was able to get the INPA loaded on to my old laptop and with this cable, I was able to communicate with my E46 Wagon. Since INPA is in German, I was not able to perform much of the functions but just enough so that I can tell the cable is doing its job. Next is figure out the German menus and start customizing...

Legit FTDI Chip!

I ordered this as a replacement for a knock-off K-line cable that I use for VCDS on my MK4 VW Jetta. The knockoff worked for VCDS but I couldn't get it to work with Bosch's Unisettings program to mod a few ECM parameters. I continually got an error about "No FTDI Device Found" no matter what I tried.

This cable showed up and I gave it a shot. Plugged it in and Windows 10 immediately found it. I updated the drivers through the device manager and voila! Unisettings recognized the cable and added it to my devices. This indicates that the chip is an actual FTDI chip rather than a cheap knockoff. Pleasantly pleased so far as the construction is fairly robust and the cord is nice and flexible. Time will tell if it holds up but so far it's doing better than the knockoff I have replaced this with.

Good cable, Works with 64bit OS

This is the cable people don't have to bridge. It also comes with all the software you need. Does research on what cable your BMW takes as this one has the 7 and 8 bridged. The E46 and E39 need this but I'm not sure what else. I've already done some tuning and this cable, and its software, work fine on my Windows 10, contrary to what people are saying. You don't need Windows 7 32 bit. A 64 bit OS is perfectly fine.