OHP BMW ENET OBD to Ethernet E-SYS Cable | RJ45 to 16 Pin Diagnostic CAT5e OBD2 for BMW Coding


The 2M Ethernet to OBD interface cable gives you control over your BMW in incredible ways. Connect to modules in your car’s computer to modify vehicle sounds, control panel boot up, and more. Top-quality CAT6 cable is plated and shielded for long-term durability. You don’t need to be a car expert to customize your car.

The 2M Ethernet to OBD interface cable works with the BMW F-series and many other BMWs to give you control of your vehicle. By connecting a diagnostic tool to your car’s computer, you gain access to a world of functionality. Change dashboard displays, open up internet functionality, and more. Anyone can use this tool to customize their BMW to their precise specifications.  


  • PROGRAM OR HIDE MODULES: The 2M Ethernet to OBD cable gives you control over the modules available in your BMW. Modules are the separate computer programs that run various aspects of your vehicle, from the physical function to the accessories and tools of your vehicle. With this cable and a diagnostic tool, you can choose to program a single module or hide multiple modules. This all works through the ENET data line and the E-SYS ICOM coding.  
  • HIGH QUALITY CABLE FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: The CAT6 Ethernet Cable is durable and suitable for professional use. It is abrasion-resistant with gold plating and a grounded and shielded RJ45 connector. The 16-pin OBD connector is flexible so that shifting around with your computer won’t damage the car’s connector. Pure copper, metal film resistors, and lead-free solder all mean that this cable will work for years to come. Once you start experimenting with the modules on your car, you’ll be keeping them fine-tuned for years. This cable is going to keep up with you.  
  • COMPATIBLE CAR MODELS: This OBD Interface Cable is specifically for BMW vehicles. It works with many different BMW models. BMW owners purchase their vehicles because they want a top-of-the-line car that looks great, has plenty of power, and – perhaps more than anything else – is entirely under their control. By modifying various E-SYS modules, you’ll have more control than you can imagine.
  • Supported BMW models include: BMW F-series, the new 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, GT, X3 and the latest BMW G-Series. 
  • SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY: Some cables limit you to just one type of software for your module exploration. Our 3M OBD Interface cable works with many different software options, letting you take the approach to your vehicle that makes the most sense to you. You can try out ECOM, ICOM, INPA, ISIS, and ISTA Rheingold to find the software that feels most intuitive and functional for your needs. This cable will work with any of them, giving you full access to your vehicle’s modules without needing professional expertise.   

INSTALLATION GUIDE INCLUDED: Other cables leave you without any instructions on how to install and use the cable. While car professionals may be able to dive into their BMW’s modules without any hesitation, we understand that you might need a little support, especially if this is your first time. Your installation guide will make the process simple and let you know where to go to get what you need. There’s no need to rely on factory settings when you can truly customize your vehicle with just a little extra effort.  


OHP BMW ENET OBD to Ethernet E-SYS Cable | RJ45 to 16 Pin Diagnostic CAT5e OBD2 for BMW Coding

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Customer Reviews

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Worked well

Used it to tune my 4er worked well.

Great product

This was delivered fast and works flawlessly.

Good Cable

Works well. Quality material and workmanship.

A little short but it works

I needed to adjust my Wastegate Actuator on my daily beater 328i F30. In order to do so I needed to install ISTA. Once I was able to install ISTA (must be installed on root drive) it picked up this cable and was able to read my car. Everything worked out. The hardest part being the software installation but that has nothing to do with this cable. Works as advertised.