How to Distinguish the OHP ELMconfig OBDII USB Scan Tool from Bad Clones and Counterfeits
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How to Distinguish the OHP ELMconfig OBDII USB Scan Tool from Bad Clones and Counterfeits

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Current Market Issues with Counterfeit ELM327-based OBD2 Scan Tools

The car diagnostic tool market has long been littered with copycat products with questionable quality and performance. One of the most popular and often copied PC-to-OBD diagnostic interface is the ELM327 command protocol. About 80% of the ELM327 interface adapters today are either bad clones or counterfeits. The OHP ELMconfig OBDII USB scan tool is not one of them, and here are the qualities that would differentiate the OHP ELM327 interface USB device from the pretenders.

OHP’s Response To Customers’ Car Diagnostic Needs

1. High-Quality Up-to-Date Hardware 

The current version of the OHP ELMconfig OBDII USB scan tool is a product of years of hardware modifications. The OHP USB device has been fine-tuned to adapt to changing customer needs and meet certain industry standards and developments in technology. Most bad clones and counterfeits today are not only defective but are also built with components not fully compatible with the latest technology.  

2. Provides Reliable Diagnostic Data

The OHP ELMconfig USB device allows access to all known modules of Ford, Mazda, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles produced since 1996. The device accurately reads and shows all the available data in your vehicle’s modules using the FORScan software - from the TCM, PCM, IPC, and all the modules available in your vehicle.

It is built with MS-CAN/HS-CAN switch that enables users to access and communicate with the existing modules found under MS-CAN, such as the Driver’s Seat Module (DDSM), and modules found in HS-CAN, like the Accessory Protocol Interface Module  (APIM).

The device also allows for scanning, programming and hiding modules. You can gain access to service functions like service reset and DFP force regeneration. You can also access the comprehensive list of Mods on FORScan and apply them to your vehicle for a smart upgrade. Apply FORScan Mods such as Global Window feature, Bambi Mod, Secure idle, Perpendicular Park, Trailer Brake Controller, and a lot more!

Bad clones and counterfeits often have a hard time accessing your modules and mostly display the wrong information or, in worst cases, do not provide any data at all. Once you notice these red flags, discontinue using the device as any unreliable diagnostic data may damage your vehicle and pose some serious safety concerns.

3. Fine-tuned to the Latest Software Updates

The OHP USB device works best with the FORScan app on Windows. The device is regularly updated to meet the important changes and updates on the latest FORScan version. It seldom encounters software compatibility issues, which is not often the case with bad clones and counterfeits when a new software version is released.    

4. Dedicated Customer and Technical Support

Car diagnostics can be quite confusing sometimes especially for beginners. All products from OHP Tools come with instructions and additional resources on how to properly set up the diagnostic tool. The official OHP Tools website at maintains a set-up guide page and a blog section to help users address some basic and advanced functionalities. Also, OHP Tools is active in its social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to promptly respond to any customer inquiries. You can also directly email OHP Tools for any questions, suggestions, or any technical and customer support concerns.    

5. Reputable Brand Name

OHP Tools is a trusted brand in the car diagnostic market. Throughout the years, OHP Tools had built a reputable name among DIY enthusiasts by consistently providing high quality and reliable diagnostic tools, such as the OHP ELMconfig OBDII USB scan tool. The USB device has received overwhelmingly positive reviews at Amazon with about 84% of which are 5-star reviews. Up to this day, the OHP ELMconfig OBDII USB device remains to be a dependable vehicle diagnostic partner known for its innovation and overall quality.

Every Customer’s Responsibility

Please be aware that counterfeited products are everywhere. Make sure that you purchase from legitimate marketplaces to avoid buying such low-quality devices. OHP Tools has official stores available online at Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. Just check out the customer reviews and if it’s mostly positive, you’re likely buying a legit product from OHP Tools.