How to Run FORScan on Mac OS X using the CrossOver App
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How to Run FORScan on Mac OS X using the CrossOver App

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We have discussed from our previous blog post that the FORScan software requires a Windows OS emulator, such as the VirtualBox Emulator, for it to run on Mac OS X computers. In this blog post, we're going to talk about another app that you can use to run FORScan on a Mac OS X computer - it is called the Crossover App

The CrossOver app allows users to run thousands of Windows applications on a Mac computer, without having to purchase a Windows license and a virtual machine. Here are the steps on how you can use the app to run FORScan on your Mac computer:

Step 1.

Download the latest version of FORScan. You can download the software here for FREE:

Step 2.

Download and install the CrossOver App. Download the app here:

Step 3.

Run the CrossOver App and click on "Install a Windows Application". 

Step 4.

Then type in "FORScan and press Enter. Then select  "Unlisted application for FORScan" and click Continue.

Step 5. 

Click on "Choose Installer File...". Select the FORScan installer file that you've previously downloaded and click Continue.  

Step 6. 

Click Install. The FORScan installer will run. Accept all the default options and click Next. Then click Finish and click Done in the CrossOver app. 

Step 7. 

You will then find "FORScan" listed on the CrossOver app. Double-click on it to run the FORScan software on your Mac OS X computer. 


This guide originally appeared on the official FORScan forum. Special thanks to the FORScan community and to Exploder for compiling and verifying this guide.

When running FORScan on your Mac OS X computer using the CrossOver App, you will need a reliable OBDII tool, we recommend using these devices: