How to Get the FORScan Extended License for Windows
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How to Get the FORScan Extended License for Windows

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The FORScan extended license was introduced to limit access to critical functions in your vehicle. An example of this critical function is the PATS programming feature, which should be put under limited access to prevent anyone from accessing and programming new keys of your vehicle.  

The following is the list of functions that require the FORScan Extended License:

Service -> PATS Programming

Configuration and Programming -> Module Configuration

Configuration and Programming -> Module Configuration(AS BUILT format)

Configuration and Programming -> Central Configuration

Configuration and Programming -> Module Reset/Configuration

The rest of the functions not included in the list don’t require the FORScan Extended License.

Here’s the process on how to get the extended license for FORScan:

Step 1. Go to the “About” section of FORScan and copy the hardware ID.

forscan extended license 1

Step 2. Generate trial license using this link.

Fill in the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Hardware ID copied from Step 1

Step 3. The license key should be successfully generated after finishing Step 2. Then click on the “Download” link under the “Action” row of the table. This should begin downloading the license key to your computer.

Step 4. There are two ways to apply the license key:

  • By double-clicking the downloaded file and confirm adding the registry record. Then restart the FORScan after.
  • By using the button Load license key under FORScan->About section. Then agree to restart FORScan.

Step 5. A correctly applied FORScan extended license will indicate under the “About” section the extended license with the full name it’s registered to and the date when the license is valid. Example: Extended License. Registered to: John Smith. Valid till: 2019-01-01

forscan extended license 2