The Difference Between FORScan Standard License, Free Trial, and Paid Extended License
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The Difference Between FORScan Standard License, Free Trial, and Paid Extended License

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When using the FORScan software for the first time, you may come across the terms FORScan Standard License, Free Trial Extended License, and the Paid Extended License. In this post, we'll explain the difference between these three FORScan licenses.

FORScan Standard License

The FORScan Standard License is the default license users will receive upon downloading the installing the FORScan software. There's no need to download or acquire the Standard License separately. Under the Standard License, users can use the majority of the functionalities of the FORScan software, except for a few critical advanced functions that require the Extended License. 

FORScan Free Trial Extended License 

The FORScan development team had introduced the FORScan Extended License to limit users from accessing some critical functions in the vehicle. These critical functions can cause some serious issues to the vehicle if not applied correctly. You should only acquire the FORScan Extended License if you are an advanced user or you already know what you are doing. The Extended License is available in two versions - the Free Trial and the Paid versions. The FORScan Free Trial Extended License is a trial version that allows users to access the full functionalities of the FORScan software for up to two months. Once the free trial license expires, you can generate a new one using a manual registration process that will require license key registration approval from the developers.

FORScan Paid Extended License  

The FORScan Paid Extended License is the paid version of the FORScan software that is available in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and lifelong licenses. Unlike the Free Trial License, the Pain Extended License does not require a registration process rather it offers an activation process that is easier and faster to do. Also, only the Paid Extended License users can avail of customer support service from the developers. The developers are also planning to limit Free Trial users from accessing certain functions of the software in the future. These functions can only be unlocked or accessed by those with a paid license.

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