How to Program a New Headlight Module for your BMW F-Series
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How to Program a New Headlight Module for your BMW F-Series

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Programming a new headlight module is required when installing a new headlight for your BMW. Here's the process on how to do it on a BMW F-Series model.

A video guide created by BMW Programming & Encoding features a step by step guide on how to program a new headlight module on a BMW F10 model. Check it out on the video below:

Programming a new headlight module will sync your newly installed headlight with your BMW's electronic system. This configuration will ensure that the new headlight will function well on your vehicle. 

The BMW ENET cable adapter is commonly used when programming or coding F-Series BMWs and often paired with the E-Sys software. In the video guide, the E-Sys software and the ISTA+ (also known as ISTA D or Rheingold) were used. 

The ISTA+ software requires the ICOM interface for the following purpose:

  • ICOM A: used for the main interface
  • ICOM B: serves as an adapter for programming multimedia in E series models
  • ICOM C: serves as adapter for old BMW models that uses the round 20 pin diagnostic plug
  • ICOM D: serves as an adapter for BMW motorcycles

The ICOM interface is a hardware device designed to connect your BMW to a computer, via an adapter cable such as the BMW ENET cable adapter. The ICOM interface is equipped with powerful processors and a high storage capacity for faster communication when programming, coding or repairing a BMW vehicle.

If you need any assistance in coding and programming your BMW, you can request for remote coding assistance for a flat fee here: 

Special thanks to the Youtube channel BMW Programming & Encoding for the amazing video guide. Please check out the Youtube channel for more BMW video guides!

When coding using the BWM E-Sys software, you will need a reliable ENET cable to connect the software with your vehicle. Check out our BMW ENET cable adapter below: