How to Update your BMW's SP-Daten Files using the BMW Coding Tool
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How to Update your BMW's SP-Daten Files using the BMW Coding Tool

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It is vital that you update the latest SP-Daten Files of your BMW when doing some coding or programming. Normally, updating to the latest SP-Daten Files is done manually but there's an easier process of doing it using the BMW Coding Tool.

A video guide created by Joonas Einola shows how to do it step by step. Check out the video below:

SP-Daten Files are the ECU coding and diagnostic files needed by a BMW sofware, such as NCS Expert, WinKFP, INPA, Tool32, etc, to run certain diagnostic, coding, or programming functions. 

1. To get started, you need to download and install the BMW Coding Tool that is included in the BMW Standard Tools package. You can download the free software package here

2. Then download the latest SP-Daten Files of your BMW model here

3. Run the BMW Coding Tool and set the default folders for NCS Expert, WinKFP, and EDIABAS.

4. Click on "Select SP-source" button then select the latest SP-Daten Files folder of your BMW model. 

5. Then click on the  "Update SP-daten" button. The system will then start to update the files. 

6. Repeat the same process for WinKFP by clicking on the "Update WinKFP" button.

7. You are done. You have succesfully update your BMW's SP-Daten Files!

Special thanks to Joonas Einola for the video guide.

After updating your BMW's SP-Daten Files, you will need an adapter for coding, programming, or diagnosing your vehicle. Here are our recommended BMW cable adapters: