What are the Commonly Applied FORScan Mods for Beginners?
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What are the Commonly Applied FORScan Mods for Beginners?

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There are hundreds of mods that you can apply using FORScan on your vehicle - from unlocking simple features to setting up complex functionalities. If you are new to FORScan, get things started with these commonly applied mods by FORScan users.

Disable Double Honk Horn

Whenever you close the door of your vehicle while the engine is still running, the double honk horn sound is activated. This is one of the first features disabled by many FORScan users. If you wish to disable it, here's how you can do it.  

Enable Bambi Mod

Bambi Mode is the ability to keep the fogs on while using high-beams on your Ford vehicle. Check out our guide on how to set it up here.  

Add the Lane Keeping System 

The Lane Keeping System is a safety feature in your Ford vehicle that warns you if you are drifting out of your lane so that you can adjust your steering to stay within. Learn how you can add this feature here

Global Window Mod

This mod allows you to use your fob to remotely open and close your front window. Here's a guide on how to apply the Global Window mod

Disable Auto Start/Stop

The Auto Start/Stop feature is designed to help you save fuel by automatically stopping your vehicle when it is not moving. If you wish to disable this feature, here's how to do it.  

Enable Auto Relock

This feature relocks your vehicle after 45 seconds when the vehicle is unlocked using keyfob. Here's a step by step guide to apply it.