What You Need to Know about the OHP Bluetooth OBD2 Device
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What You Need to Know about the OHP Bluetooth OBD2 Device

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The OHP Bluetooth OBD2 device mainly functions the same way as the OHP WiFi and USB device. It primarily allows users to access, read, and diagnose codes in their vehicles. Its Bluetooth connection is also just as fast in transferring data as the WiFi and USB connections. The OHP Bluetooth OBD2 device, however, carries some features and functionalities that are different or entirely unique to the device. In this section, we're going to discuss the unique features of the OHP Bluetooth OBD2 device and answer some of its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

What are the limitations of its Bluetooth connectivity?

The OHP Bluetooth device functions the same as the latest Bluetooth devices today. Thus, it covers the same Bluetooth signal range of up to 10 meters in radius. Most smartphones and computers today can connect or pair with Bluetooth on up to 8 devices. However, out of the 8 maximum connected devices, you can only use 2 of them at once or simultaneously.

What are the differences between a Bluetooth and WiFi connection?

Perhaps the biggest difference between a WiFi and Bluetooth connection is their range. Bluetooth is meant for short-range connections of up to 10 meters while WiFi can cover wider ranges of up to 100 meters. The WiFi connection can also accommodate more than 8 connected devices. Both WiFi and Bluetooth connections, however, use the same frequency of 2.400 GHz. The main advantage of a Bluetooth device over WiFi is its lower energy consumption. A Bluetooth connection allows users to run longer hours without draining the batteries of the connected devices, as compared to WiFi connections.

What are the car models that it supports?

Unlike the USB and WiFi OBD2 devices, the Bluetooth device functions as a universal scanner and is compatible with a wider list of car models. Below is the list of car brands supported by the OHP Bluetooth OBD2 device compared with the OHP USB and WiFi devices:


 What are the FORScan functions that it supports? 

The OHP Bluetooth OBD2 device was custom-built for FORScan, the same way as the WiFi and Bluetooth devices. Below are the FORScan functions that you can apply in FORScan using the Bluetooth device:

The OHP Bluetooth device supports all the basic functionalities of FORScan. It is not however advisable to use it for advanced FORScan features like code configuration and programming and service functions. The reason for this is that the advanced FORScan functions require a stable uninterrupted connection to make sure that changes are applied correctly. Wireless connections, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, can be sometimes unstable or can be interrupted by various elements that could damage or mess with codes that you are trying to modify or change in your vehicle. So, for any advanced modifications using FORScan, we highly recommend using the more stable OHP USB OBD2 device instead.    

What are the Software/Apps that it Supports?

 The OHP Bluetooth device supports numerous general and car-specific diagnostic Software and Apps. Below is the list of the commonly-used apps and software compatible with the device:  

Other 3rd-party apps compatible with the device include:

CAR SCANNER ELM OBD2 - Allows access to real-time vehicle data, such as overall vehicle condition, OBD fault codes, sensor data, and many others. 

OBD Fusion - Read, diagnose, and access DTCs and other related car data. Mainly used for Nissan, Scion, Lexus, Toyota, Mazda, Mercury, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles. 

BimmerLink - Read BMW vehicle trouble codes from all ECUs and real-time display of sensor values. 

BimmerCode – Used to code Minis and BMWs.

GaragePro - Android app used to read and reset fault codes and apply advanced features for car technicians and DIY car enthusiasts.

Carista OBD2 - Dealer-level access, diagnostics, and modifications for  Audi, VW, Toyota, Lexus, BMW cars.

LeafSpy – Monitor battery and access vehicle information for Nissan Leaf cars.

Dr. Prius - Used for Toyota/Lexus hybrid cars to diagnose the health of the high-voltage battery

JScan - Used for selected Jeep vehicles to access and diagnose trouble codes and live data. 


We hope these answers the frequent questions about the OHP OBD2 Bluetooth device. If you have any additional questions, please email us at