A Guide to the Common BMW Software for DIY Enthusiasts
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A Guide to the Common BMW Software for DIY Enthusiasts

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With so many available BMW software out there, it can be quite confusing on which ones are suited best for your needs. In this post, we'll help you narrow down your options by identifying the common BMW software mainly used by DIYers. 


BMW TIS stands for Technical Information System. BMW TIS contains documentation of the technical information needed for BMW repairs. The technical content is available for download for a flat fee at


BMW ETK is BMW's Electronic Parts Catalog. It's the documentation of BMW parts that is available at The website maintains a database of BMW part numbers and their approximate part prices.


BMW EDIABAS is the Electronic Diagnosis and Information protocol developed by BMW. Diagnostic and coding software suites built for BMWs must be able to communicate with EDIABAS for them to connect with the vehicle. 

Factory-Level Software Suites (Recommended for technical-savvy or advanced users):


The BMW INPA is a factory-developed diagnostic interpreter program that is used to communicate with your vehicle via EDIABAS. It's a comprehensive and powerful tool suited for advanced users - as there is no available user-friendly handbook that clearly states the process on how to use it.


The BMW WinKFP is a programming software developed at the factory level meant for writing/editing or flashing vehicle modules. 

BMW NCS Expert

The BMW NCS Expert is a coding software developed at the factory level by BMW for adjusting vehicle options and features. 

BMW Tool32

The BMW Tool32 is like the swiss army knife of BMW software. It looks similar to how the DOS command box in Windows runs. You can use it to reset the service, apply individual functions on the control units, or read the fault memory of individual control units. It can also be used for BMW coding.  

Dealer-Level Software Suites (User-friendly tools):

BMW DIS/ DISv44, DISplus

The BMW DIS is an older version of dealer-level BMW diagnostic software. It's a software developed in 1994 for BMW dealers that used the GT1 system. DISv44 is a dealer software for the E39 used to perform diagnostics, programming, coding, displaying live data, reading of modules and fault reads. DISplus is the newer updated version of the original DIS coding and diagnostic software.   


The BMW ISTA/D, or also known as RHEINGOLD, is the current dealer-level diagnostic software used for all Exx and Fxx vehicles. It is the replacement for the older DIS diagnostic software. 


The BMW ISTA/P is also a current dealer-level diagnostic software that replaced the older SSS Progman programming software.

*Special thanks to deansbimmer from m3post forum for coming up with the list. 

If you wish some assistance in your BMW coding and programming, you can request for remote coding assistance for a flat fee here:

In order to use these BMW software, you will need an adapter to connect them with your vehicle. Here are the OHP adapters for BMW vehicles and motorcycles: