The Common Solutions to the "No ELM Found" Error Message
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The Common Solutions to the "No ELM Found" Error Message

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Normally, your computer will automatically recognize the OHP ELMconfig OBD2 USB adapter as soon as you connect the device to your vehicle. There are times however when your computer fails to read the device and a "No ELM Found" error message occurs. There are many possible reasons why this error message appears - like an outdated device driver, incompatible computer system, a malfunctioning unit, and many others. Solutions for such error message vary. Here are some common procedures that you can apply in order to diagnose and potentially sort out the problem.

1. Manually Update your Device Drivers  

The first thing that you should do when you receive a "No ELM Found" error message is to update your device drivers manually. It's possible that your computer failed to automatically update the drivers compatible with the device, so you need to do it manually.

Here's the process on how to manually update your device drivers:

Manual Installation of Device Drivers

2. Check for Computer Compatibility

The device was primarily designed to work with the FORScan software using a Windows computer. It could possibly work with Mac computers however you need to apply certain processes.

Here are ways on how to make the FORScan software work on a Mac computer:

How to Run FORScan in Mac OS X using the CrossOver App

How to Run FORScan in Mac OS X using the VirtualBox Emulator

Also, the device is currently having compatibility issues with Windows Surface and Surface Pro computers. So, please find another computer if you're using one of these incompatible computers. 

3. Test the Physical Connections

Check and test the connection of the device to the OBDII port of your vehicle and to the USB port of your computer for any "loose" connection. Try to adjust or move the connectors around and see if you gain any connection. Also, flip between the MS-CAN/HS-CAN switch as you make the adjustments. 


*If none of the above processes work, please contact our Customer Support